The Best Trousers For Short Girls

Being a petite gal is hard work you know, I mean yes we have loads of leg room in cars and on planes, but when it comes to shopping – its no easy task. I ordered these beautiful wide legged trousers the other day, you know those deliveries you’re so excited to receive that you cant … Continue Reading

On Knowing Your Worth & Why You Should Never Underestimate Your Brand

It’s funny because sometimes we may underestimate ourselves until another person comes along and shows us exactly why were amazing : and then you’re sat there like wow, I never realised I could do that. Mind blown. To be honest with you, for a long time in my life I always underestimated myself, its a habit … Continue Reading

I’ve Fallen For The Pink Velvet Blazer – Here’s Why You Will Too

There’s a particular trend that rears its head around autumn/winter time almost every year … Ah, the velvet pink blazer, the one thing I never thought in a million years I’d be seen dead wearing. Velvet is everywhere at the moment but personally, I found it a little difficult to find a piece that was … Continue Reading

Pleated Skirts And Statement Jewellery For This Winter

 From when I was little i could always remember my mum having an endless collection of pleated skirts in every material, colour and style you could possibly think of. When I was younger, pleated skirts never appealed to me at all, they weren’t ‘cool’ enough and In fact, I hated them. I don’t know about you, … Continue Reading

The Best Party Dresses You Can Actually Rewear

Well, hasn’t this year flown by. It seems like only yesterday we entered 2017 and now, in less than 2 months time, were kissing goodbye to 0’17 and saying hello to 2018.  So anyway, how many parties do you think we can cram in before the end of the year? I reckon a quite few. As we all … Continue Reading

Thanking Fashion For Making Me Brave

It’s a fact, say a year ago you would never in a million years catch me bopping down the road wearing a pair of stiletto metallic sock boots. Honestly, they’ll blind you if you stare at them too long, they look like liquid metal. You see I used to play it extremely safe when it came to dressing … Continue Reading