I’m Going To Let You In On A Little Secret

Alright, guys brace yourselves. I have a little confession to make. Hello, my name is Rebekah, and I’m camera shy. HA. Can you believe that?! Seeing as I’m plastered all over my blog and I have about 200 photos of myself on my Instagram page. People call me the selfie queen *rolls eye*, but I’m going … Continue Reading

Finding Your Fragrance Personality With Clive Christian

Every morning like clockwork, just before I step out the house, I give myself a little spritz of my favourite perfume, it’s such mood lifter and I can’t go out without it. I’m sure we all have that one bottle of perfume we reach for over and over again, day in day out and never tire … Continue Reading

How To Have A Lovely Night In & Why Recreation Is So Important

Last weekend I decided that I didn’t want to stand for 20 minutes at a crowded bar trying to order a rum & coke whilst repeatedly being ignored by the bar man, so I had a night in. Even though I love having a night out with all my friends, sometimes I just want to unwind, … Continue Reading

My Flower Obsession And A Review of Blossoming Gifts

They say that the way to a woman’s heart is flowers (along with chocolates and diamonds of course), and hey I’m not disagreeing because what girls heart doesn’t skip a beat when she receives a spontaneous bouquet?! For one, flowers don’t hit your waistline like chocolate, ice cream or pizza does and they are the one … Continue Reading

The Importance Of Gratitude

Lets cut to the chase, gratitude isn’t always something that comes easily, I’ll tell you that myself first hand. It’s so easy to say ‘start every day with a grateful heart’ (yes I am guilty of putting this quote up on Instagram I know) but quite often it’s hard to do. Over the past year or … Continue Reading

Kickstarting Off Summer With Gin Tasting Experience In East London

Gin glorious gin. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a list of Insta-worthy places you want to visit this summer. I thought so. Welp, I’ve just the place for you, (You’re going to want to keep reading this post if you want a great 20% off discount code for Virgin Experience Days which will … Continue Reading