Thanking Fashion For Making Me Brave

It’s a fact, say a year ago you would never in a million years catch me bopping down the road wearing a pair of stiletto metallic sock boots. Honestly, they’ll blind you if you stare at them too long, they look like liquid metal. You see I used to play it extremely safe when it came to dressing … Continue Reading

Stronger Everyday – 4 Small Promises I’ve Made To Myself

I would love to be able to blame all of my body insecurities on social media (even though this does play a big part for all of us) however it’s not all to blame. Before shooting these images I was so nervous. Apart from wearing a bikini (which I find scary enough), I find wearing gym … Continue Reading

I’m Going To Let You In On A Little Secret

Alright, guys brace yourselves. I have a little confession to make. Hello, my name is Rebekah, and I’m camera shy. HA. Can you believe that?! Seeing as I’m plastered all over my blog and I have about 200 photos of myself on my Instagram page. People call me the selfie queen *rolls eye*, but I’m going … Continue Reading

Finding Your Fragrance Personality With Clive Christian

Every morning like clockwork, just before I step out the house, I give myself a little spritz of my favourite perfume, it’s such mood lifter and I can’t go out without it. I’m sure we all have that one bottle of perfume we reach for over and over again, day in day out and never tire … Continue Reading

How To Have A Lovely Night In & Why Recreation Is So Important

Last weekend I decided that I didn’t want to stand for 20 minutes at a crowded bar trying to order a rum & coke whilst repeatedly being ignored by the bar man, so I had a night in. Even though I love having a night out with all my friends, sometimes I just want to unwind, … Continue Reading

My Flower Obsession And A Review of Blossoming Gifts

They say that the way to a woman’s heart is flowers (along with chocolates and diamonds of course), and hey I’m not disagreeing because what girls heart doesn’t skip a beat when she receives a spontaneous bouquet?! For one, flowers don’t hit your waistline like chocolate, ice cream or pizza does and they are the one … Continue Reading