Affordable, Gentle Skincare From Cetaphil – What I Really Think

Throughout my teenage years, I struggled with controlling the amounts of spots I would have. You know when you’re younger and in secondary school, having those bad breakouts used to feel like your whole world was collapsing. Because my skin is so sensitive, its almost makes me frightened to use moisturisers and cleaners, in fear … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Antidote For ‘One Of Those Days’ – With Tropic Skincare

Every evening like clockwork, after coming home from work, I take my makeup off, throw on my pj’s, wack a facemask on and whisk my hair into a messy top knot. We’ve all had one of those days, where absolutely nothing has gone right, your skin has broken out with 100 zits and the other … Continue Reading

Your Shopping List : Winter Fashion & Beauty

If I haven’t already told you winter is my most favourite time of the year, the main reason being for the fashion and makeup. One thing I will not sacrifice for fashion though is my health. I used to have the tendency to go out in skimpy jackets (that looked really good on) even though it … Continue Reading

Finding Your Fragrance Personality With Clive Christian

Every morning like clockwork, just before I step out the house, I give myself a little spritz of my favourite perfume, it’s such mood lifter and I can’t go out without it. I’m sure we all have that one bottle of perfume we reach for over and over again, day in day out and never tire … Continue Reading

10 Things To Add To Your Summer Wishlist

Well, payday is here again – and what better way to celebrate than to treat yo’self to all those things you’ve had your eye on for the past month or so? Payday is the day where you can finally stop having crackers and water for lunch and dine like a king and order an XL … Continue Reading

16 Lippies For Spring

Spring means warmer days which means brighter lips… but with that being said it doesn’t mean you have to put the nude/vampy lippies on the back burner. I wasn’t  really a big fan of lipsticks (how ironic seeing as I have over 17) because I do find that sometimes  they can be very drying, but the … Continue Reading