Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be stressful but it's a good excuse to dress up and slap on a little extra makeup. I personally already have 4 weddings lined up on my calendar for the year already, and I still always get stuck as to what to wear. There is something so extraordinary and wonderful about going to a wedding and celebrating the love of two people, I always get a little emotional at weddings - what can I say ey, I love a good love story!

Sometime last year I did a blog post about the flirty red dress I have from new look, and whether it's acceptable to even wear red to a wedding. I've come to the conclusion that you don't necessarily have to go all out and wear a statement outfit, it's probably best not to wear something too extravagant as the attention should be on the bride anyway, I mean its a bit of a no-brainer really isn't it? You don't want to outshine the bride. I personally don't really think there are any rules of what one should wear to a wedding, tell a lie... DONT WEAR WHITE. Or ivory. Or the same colours as the bridesmaids. Just three simple rules really...

At the moment I'm a big fan of lace and soft pastel colours, both of which are perfect for weddings. You lot know blue is my favourite colour (you're probably bored of me telling you this), so this dress from Cari's closet was the perfect match for me! Normally when deciding what to wear for weddings and special occasions, I like to go for midi length dresses or skirts, however, I will admit, a few years ago I wore a lovely jumpsuit to my cousin's wedding and it looked lovely if I do say so myself. You really have to judge your outfit based on the venue/ style of the wedding.

When searching for a wedding outfit I came across the Self-Portrait azaelea dress which is priced at £260. Self- portrait do some beautiful dresses, but the prices aren't for everyone's budget (including mine). Don't worry though I've found the perfect dupe! (You can thank me later)

 I'm personally in love with my dress from Cari's closet. It's flirty, feminine, classy and sophisticated - everything I want in a dress. May I also add you can actually breathe in it, yes ladies no sucking in our stomachs all day because the dress your wearing is slightly too tight. And plus, this dress has pockets - could it get any better than that?

What I'm Wearing

Dress - Here

Shoes- Here

Bag - Here

This post is in collaboration with Cari's closet. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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This dress is gorgeous, that colour looks amazing on you! I always get a bit paranoid dressing for weddings as I feel like you either look too over-dressed and you’re trying to upstage everyone or you didn’t try hard enough and there’s no in-between lool! I haven’t got any to go to this year (yet) so no stress atm!


Thank you lovely! And yes i totally agree, sometimes its so hard finding the balance! xx

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