Being a petite gal is hard work you know, I mean yes we have loads of leg room in cars and on planes, but when it comes to shopping - its no easy task.

I ordered these beautiful wide legged trousers the other day, you know those deliveries you're so excited to receive that you cant sleep? yep, that was me. Anyhow, they arrived at my house and I tried them on. It was all one big LOL to be honest with you, the trousers literally looked like they had swallowed me up. It broke my heart. But its okay though, us short girls do it better, just ask the original petite women, Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen.

What i'm wearing

The other day I came across a pair of high waisted trousers, the fit is literally perfect and a bonus - they make my legs look so long! Even was in shock! So my fellow shorties, or should I say, petite ladies, I've listed below some of my favourite trousers I've found online for us.

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