Wowza, as if 2017 is almost over. And not to mention I've been blogging for a full year now (happy blogaversary to me *blows out candle*) how time flies when you're having fun ey! Looking back on 2017 it's been quite a bonkerz year, I think we can all agree it been one for the books.

2017 for me, has been monumental in so many ways, from having the opportunities to work with some amazing brands I've always admired, attending wicked events, to meeting people I never expected I would have. I'm so happy to have such wonderful readers, followers, likers, family and friends who continue to stick with me one post at a time. I've got tons to be grateful for, so, without further ado here are my 2017 highlights!

I learnt how to complete an invoice

Laugh at me if you want but I'm sorry kids, they don't teach you this at school. Getting my first sponsored post felt pretty awesome, but then there was the invoicing part which at first I found very fiddly and complicated, 8 months later and ya girl is a pro now!

That Time I discovered McDonalds Sell Beer In A Cup...

Okay, this was probably one of my biggest highlights of my trip to Tenerife this year. First of all, may I just say that McDonald's tastes so much better in Spain, I don't know why, its sad for us in the U.K but it just does. And a bonus ... Beer in a cup for €3 and it was a big cup at that, I bet you can tell where I was for the majority of my vacation.

Working with Trinny Woodall

Bit of an obvious one ain't it? Trinny London invited me to a sit-down meal, which in fact was my first ever blogger dinner. Of course, this alone for me was one the biggest milestones of this year, Trinny being someone who myself and my mum have watched on television for years for fashion advice, and the next thing I know I'm having dinner with her at her HQ talking all things beauty ?! Then less than a month later I'm in her studio with her wonderful team filming some makeup looks for her new makeup brand... Crazy right?!


Being Featured On ASOS.COM

Again this was a big thing for me, in fact, I didn't know I was even featured on the ASOS blog until another lovely blogger just so happened to be doing some online shopping on their website, and spotted my big head in a blog post!

 The most adventurous staycation

Last week I went on a staycation with some friends from Jersey and London. Having glamorous breakfasts overlooking the 02 arena from our king sized bed, jumping from one hotel to another, waking up on Xmas day to go ice skating (at 8am and it wasn't even open- SHOCK) lush bath bombs and life-changing facemasks, catching up with old friends, eating overpriced kebabs, glasses of processco and laughing until the point of where you think you're going to pass out - yes it was a 5 days of pure bliss.

Collaborating with some of my fave brands

Working alongside some of my favourite brands - Topshop, MissyEmpire, JustFab, CLUSE, Warehouse, virgin experience days, what an absolute pleasure!

 Summer spent with amazing people

Okay pipe down, I know I did complain a tad bit just after summer finished about it being rubbish (oops okay maybe a lot) but truth be told looking back it now, it was defo one of the most bonkers summers I've had by far. From having nights out that flopped and resulted in getting on the bus in 6inch heels going home at 10pm (Yan-nique we love ya-you girls know who you are), being on the floor in stitches crying with laughter in Superdrug with my best friend over stupid banter, drinking extremely overpriced cocktails, flying by myself on spontaneous trips to wicked house parties, ah the list goes on - you lot have truly given me the most jokes.

 Having my picture posted on Cosmopolitan Instagram page

Yes, you read correctly, I still can't believe it too...

 That time I wrote a paragraph for Missy Empire

With less than 800 followers (insta) and being such a newbie to the blogging world, I was asked to give my top tip for summer fashion festivals for an article that was going on the Missy Empire blog page. Of course, my suggestion was to wear a stylish backpack... Um because every girl needs a bag big enough to carry all her essentials in DUH.

Okay, I hope I'm not waffling, you still with me guys? 

Meeting so many fab peeps

Above everything else this is the cherry on top... this year I've made a lifelong friend (practically my twin sister) through blogging, and so many great pals who are incredibly talented and an absolute motivation to me.

Finally setting up my home office

Ya girl is a freelancer, I need somewhere to work right? Welp at 7 am myself and my pops were up trying to quietly drill a few holes into my wall to hang my paintings on, nicely above my desk (apologies to my neighbours), shout out to my dad though! You da real MVP.

Feeling the support of my family and friends when it got tough

Yes, 2017 hasn't been plain sailing, it's had it's dark times because whose life is perfect right? But one thing that's worth remembering is that there is always something good to be pulled out of a bad situation, but it just means we have to look extra hard and dig deeper to find it. There were times where I felt weak and disheartened with things. I'm blessed enough to be surrounded by incredible family & friends who I could lean on for support. We have to be greater than what we suffer.

Knowing me i’ve Probably forgetton to mention something, but I can’t put all the incredible moments all into one post otherwise you’d be reading this all day long !

So thanks 2017, you've been wonderful. 2018 you have big shoes to fill. 

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