From when I was little i could always remember my mum having an endless collection of pleated skirts in every material, colour and style you could possibly think of.

When I was younger, pleated skirts never appealed to me at all, they weren't 'cool' enough and In fact, I hated them. I don't know about you, but back in the day wearing pleated skirts to secondary school was the bane of my life. The majority of the other girls in my year wore those more pleasing to the eye kilt skirts - ( you know the ones that made rolling your skirt up so much easier because it'd never ruin the look of the pleats), although we all know it was against school policy because those skirts were only for P.E. And then there was me, wearing the dreaded long black granny pleated skirt that at the time felt like it reached to my ankles, and I must say- they were quite itchy. Nevertheless, here I am almost 4 years later confessing my new found love for midi length pleated skirts - who would've thought ey?

I'm very smitten with this faux leather midi pleated skirt from WearAll , pleated skirts are really trendy this season, and even if they weren't I'd still be wearing them.  Midi pleated skirts are so very classy and feminine, and there's something so fun and enjoyable about the swoosh it makes whilst walking.

Now I'm not really a big fan of jewellery and I'm absolutely the worst person for losing rings, pretty chains and pretty much anything that's small. I don't have a lot of fancy pieces, the most you'll see me wearing are small stud earrings and watches, and if I do end up wearing some jewellery out, I tend to go for the minimalist route.

Initially, when the chocker and ring arrived in the post I was a little bit hesitant about wearing it - although I did really love it, it was just something out of my comfort zone. But with it now being party season, you don't need to have an excuse for wearing the biggest and sassiest pieces you can get your hands on.

Especially as I was wearing an all-black, (which may I add you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit) I felt as though my outfit was missing a little something.  Putting on this beautiful chocker from nocturne studio really did take the whole outfit to a new level!

So if its one thing I've learnt from putting together this outfit - its don't be afraid to accessorise!

*This post is in collaboration with Nocturne Studio and WearAll, however, all thoughts, opinions and content are my own.

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Sock boots look amazing with pleated skirts!!!! <3

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