I've been meaning to start the process of putting together my home office for a while now and now I've finally got round to doing it. Working from home isn't always easy, it requires a lot of motivation and self-control (two of which I don't always have), there have been so many occasions where I've just wanted to jump back into bed and snooze the day away. But as I've started putting my home office together I've had a new found burst of motivation to actually get stuff done! It's amazing because sitting at your own desk really does make a difference to your motivation - well it does for me at least.

I am so excited to have worked with Descino on this post as I've admired and stalked their Instagram for ages. Desenio has everything from fashion prints to inspirational quotes, to landscape photography all of which can be used in numerous spaces : offices, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

Now I'm no interior queen, but I've always envisioned my office space as being trendy, sassy and very me. I can literally spend hours on end scrolling through all those Pinterest worthy interior images, lusting over all the aesthetically pleasing office setups, saving one photo to my gallery at a time for some major inspiration.

When deciding which Desenio posters  i wanted for my office space, I made sure to pick prints that actually have meaning to me, would motivate me throughout the day and would never get bored of seeing. Brooklyn Bridge being the biggest poster on the wall, as not only is it my favourite place on earth but I have so many good memories there. And of course, would a fashion writters office be complete without a vouge poster? I think not. So naturally, that was the second biggest poster that I picked- giving my office space all the sass!

I think it's always lovely when you add a personal touch to something, the posters have brought life to my plain white walls and have made it feel way more homely. The poster with the quote ' LIFE IS TOUGH MY DARLING, BUT SO ARE YOU' - like yes sis we know, a good reminder for the really long days that are dragging, to just plough through the work and keep going!

So yes my home office is still work in progress but I must admit I extremely happy with how it's coming along so far! I can't wait to give you guys a proper tour of the whole office room when its finally finished!

Oh and here's a little treat for you – EXCLUSIVE – you can get 25% off posters (not valid on “handpicked” posters and frames) with the code thebeckseffect between 5th-7th December.  So treat yourself!

My Posters





This post is in collaboration with Desenio.

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