If I haven't already told you winter is my most favourite time of the year, the main reason being for the fashion and makeup. One thing I will not sacrifice for fashion though is my health. I used to have the tendency to go out in skimpy jackets (that looked really good on) even though it was freezing outside and my mum would always moan at me and tell me to put more layers on. 10 colds later I think it's safe to say I've learnt my lesson. So, winter is coming, are you ready? If not let me help you, or, even if you are I think I can add a couple more pieces to your lust list. I've put together an affordable list of winter fashion and beauty essentials :

The Outwear

This year I've decided that I want to build up my winter coat collection and I have been doing just that.  I already own some longline, faux fur and puffa coats so I'm really looking forward to adding some new additions to my wardrobe soon. I've had my eye on the vinyl trench coat for the past 3 months now and so far I've held onto my pennies but now I think its time for me to just buy it. At the moment I'm a big fan of the 'TREAT YO'SELF' attitude so don't even tempt me.

Boots, Boots And Even More Boots

Autumn/winter is the season to start adding a few stand out items to your wardrobe including some killer sassy boots. My newest editions to my boots family are the metallic stiletto sock boots which I've seen loads of people wearing lately. I'm yet to add a pair of brightly colour boots to my collection though, I'm holding fire at the moment but I really want to invest in a lovely pair of chilli red thigh high boots.

Beauty And Skincare

If its one thing, I'm obsessed with, its skincare. I have combination skin- I mean not to be overdramatic or anything but one day I look like I've been slapped in the face with an oily fried egg, the next day my skin is as dry as the Sahara desert - there's literally no in between. I've heard so many good things about glossier and I really want to try them out and see what all the fuss is about. In regards to makeup, I'm big on eyeshadow but not so fussed over lipstick. I'm thinking smokey brown and copper eyes, glowy skin, boyish eyebrows and dark plum cheeks. I want to try and be way more experimental with my makeup than I have already this year so I think deep rich lipsticks could just be my thing... who knows?

What I'm Wearing

Coat - Here

Heeled Boots - Here

Bag (simialar) - Here

Tee - Here 

Phone case - Here

Jeans (Similar) - Here

    *Some of the items i'm wearing in this post were gifted.        

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I honestly love your style. And I have to buy those boots. Now! I totally used to be the same, going out in small jackets and now I love my coats, the bigger the better!

Angelyque x alittlechillibean

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