Alright, guys brace yourselves. I have a little confession to make. Hello, my name is Rebekah, and I'm camera shy. HA. Can you believe that?! Seeing as I'm plastered all over my blog and I have about 200 photos of myself on my Instagram page. People call me the selfie queen *rolls eye*, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret- nine times out of ten I hate taking photos.

We live in an age dominated by pictures. Almost every app has a photo sharing feature nowadays, apps like Snapchat and Instagram, facebook, twitter and even now WhatsApp! It's a fact, if you have social media then you can't escape taking photos or at least being tagged in one, you can try but it'll be very hard. Being photographed has become a massive part of our lives, whether it’s candid shots out with friends and family or pictures for special occasions like weddings, or graduation, baby showers and so forth, picture taking and photos are everywhere, it's inescapable.

Taking selfies is one thing, that I can do all day long. But in particular, I hate other people taking photos of me, and even more than this I hate doing street style photography. There's something about standing in front of people and taking photos of myself, for some reason it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable and nervous. When I'm shooting street-style outfits and people are walking past, all I can think in my head is 'they must think I'm so vain' 'why is she/he staring at me like that, do I look okay?' 'does my outfit look stupid?'.

The other day I was out shooting an outfit and I found myself telling the photographer ' hold on wait, let those people up there walk past us before we do the next shot' - the people were on the other side of the road, right at the top and approx a 3 minute walk away from where we were standing. On this particular day, I was feeling very vulnerable, I don't know why, but I was. My friend once said to me 'whats wrong with you why do you get so shy? You're doing what you love and this is your work'. And you know what, she's right.

There have been so many times where I've seen a photo of myself and thought 'damn is that what I actually look like?!' and cringed (LOL!). Personally, I know my dislike of taking photos stems from the fact that sometimes I'm not always feeling confident in regards to the way I look. Confidence is not something that is built over night, it's a gradual thing, something you continually have to work on.

 Why should I feel ashamed or embarrassed about taking photos of myself? I needed to overcome this fear so that my shoot days could become way more productive. And this is where it all begun to change. Without further ado here are the three things that have helped me in feeling more confident when out taking photos ;

Make Sure You're 101% In Love With Your Outfit

I've learnt time and time again that if you aren't feeling confident in what you're dressed in, it's going to show in your body language, in your face and then in the photos. There is nothing worse than going out in an outfit you're not entirely sure about or comfortable in, everything just feels wrong. Dress to impress yourself!  Your outfit doesn't need to be red carpet ready, as long as your outfit is making you feel yourself, you're all set.

Think Of The Street As Your Runway

 Ignore the passers by and strut your stuff down the road, at the end of the day you're never going to see these people again. It's either you stand there awkwardly waiting to get a break in the crowd or you get that killer shot and then bounce. If like me you occasionally pay a photographer to take your photos: time is money. Utilizing every second you have in your shoot slot is so important. You're not going to get this shoot time back again so you might as well kill it whilst it's here!

Utilize The Instagram Saved Posts Feature

I love this feature on Instagram, it's a great way to save all the poses and photos you love in one place. I often use this feature as a source of inspo, so all the different poses and outfits that I love are easily accessible. A day or so before my shoot I'll go through my saved photos and see what poses I want to try and practice them in the mirror. I know it sounds lame but trusts me it works, preparation is key.

Sending love to all my fellow photography babes !

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These are some great tips. I like the one about being in love with your outfit. I have days when I’m taking pictures and not feeling confident in what I’m wearing and I’m never happy with those photos.


Such helpful and useful tips! Especially the love your outfit one, as when we are comfortable and love the outfit it makes it slightly easier confronting the camera. And you’re so right taking photos is a massive part of our lives it is hard to avoid it. I can relate I feel so shy taking photos especially in public places but we are doing what we love. You look amazing in the photos! A lovely post!

Ameze xxx


I am definitely camera shy and it seems like it’s taking forever for me to get comfortable in front of a camera, be it video or picture! I loved reading this though because it reminds me that beautiful women like yourself still feel uncomfortable taking pictures in the middle of a street, much like myself! It’s nice to be reminded that I am not alone with this lol


This is such a lovely comment ! I’m so glad you can relate!


This post is a 100% abut me as well. I usually shoot with my fiance, and I feel so bad for him: I drag him out to do a photo shoot then make him wait for hours, until no one is nearby. I just can’t get over the awkwardness. But you are so right, we should just simply not care. I sometimes try to remind myself what I think if I see someone doing a selfie or a shoot – and it’s simply an encouragement and a go, girl! Maybe others have the same thoughts if they see me?:)xx


It still happens to me though ! Sometimes I have confident days and sometimes I have days where I just feel so awkward ! But you’re so right.. others might feel the exact same when they walk past us ! X


I’m super camera shy when it comes to taking outfit shots in public! I don’t even know why because I love it when I get an outfit post put together. The tips you’ve put in here are very useful and I’m going to try to use them when I next have to go out to get some shots


These are such useful tips! I used to be really camera shy when I started blogging and get soooo self conscious because naturally I’m quite a shy person. But blogging helped me come out of my shell a lot and I know it’s been the same for other bloggers and probably you as well! At the end of the day we are doing a job and the end result is more important than states from people we don’t even know! Xx


Honestly these tips can be used for an entire career of blogging. It is useful, especially when you’re having a downday just to remind yourself that you are THAT GIRL!

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