If there's one thing I can tell you, it's that I love to look and feel a million bucks regardless of my budget, I think most people would agree with me, am I wrong?

Fashion blogging has taught me is that looking stylish and chic does not have to be expensive.I personally cannot justify spending £1K + on a designer piece (maybe one day), a girl has to pay her bills you know. So the solution for me is to purchase a dupe. There are so many styles floating about on the high street that I'm loving. Buying a dupe piece allows me to save approximately save between £980-£3K and still have enough money to afford bread and butter.

Living in London is expensive as it is, and since I spend the majority of my money on food and makeup, it simply means that blowing £1200 on a designer piece isn’t really an option. Adding a dupe piece to your outfit can make it look way more expensive than it really is. The high street is the master of creating designs that are inspired by designer bags, from Gucci dupes to Chloe dupes, you name it, the high street has them all.

I'm a big fan of embracing the classics, and they certainly don't have to be boring. I'm also a firm believer that a lot of times less is more when it comes to fashion. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a basic white tee, jeans, and an oversized blazer, and if I'm honest this is often when I feel most confident and comfortable. There's nothing worse than fussing and overthinking an outfit that you regret wearing out later on. Simple is slick, sexy, perfectly timeless and fuss free.

Would you believe that this Chloe dupe bag I 'm wearing is from Primark? I picked it up quickly on my way home for £10! Everything that I have linked below is under £25!

So don't ever feel as though you have to wear expensive clothing to look good because you don't.


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Love this look. Dupes are the way and I’m longing for the checked blazer !!



I can relate so much! Dupes are a lifesaver sometimes, love the tips

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