If someone were to ask me to define my personal style in a few words I'd find it tricky to answer, in as much I don't fall into one category perfectly or completely. I don't fall into the Minimalist or the girly girl category, nor the rock chick, or the bohemian, the classic or prim and proper type or the flamboyant and so fourth. If anything, I've got a little of them all in me, and trust me when I say, there is no online quiz that could possibly tell me what category of style I fall into. Whilst there is nothing wrong with finding a look that you love and relying on it, I feel like if I were to decide and define what my personal style is I'd be putting myself in a box, and plus I'm far too indecisive for that. I'm always changing my mind. For me no two days are the same. One day I might decide to dress girly in a pretty skirt and the next day I'm in a leather studded jacket and ripped boyfriend and an oversized hoodie. Yes, I am a dress lover and of all things pretty, but I also have a side to me that likes to experiment. You see, that is the great thing about fashion and style, it allows you to be girly on Sunday's, tomboy on Tuesdays and rock chick on Wednesdays. You can be whoever you want to be with the clothes you wear. That's the fun part. I think this ties in with the whole personal branding thing, and seriously, I take my hat off to the people who have been able to stick with their style,  because they've become known for their certain aesthetic look which in turn makes it easier for people who have similar taste to use them as a source for style inspiration. As someone who writes about personal style, I regularly find myself questioning where I fit in and what my thing is. If I was given a penny for everytime someone told me that I'm 'too girly' (as if it was a bad thing) I'd be sitting on a quarter of a million pounds I'm telling you, 'You're such a girl Rebekah!' - Um ya, last time I checked I was? So where do we go from here... From a young age, I've always loved shiny, glittery, pretty things and everything in-between, and I thought that was how I was going to be for the rest of my life. But as I started to get older,  my taste towards fashion and clothes began to change. I was still a lover of girly things, but I started to branch out and found myself loving all different types of styles and I wanted to try and wear them all! (If you look through my Pinterest fashion and style board you'll see what I mean).

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But I don't think I can stick to one theme. I want to dip my toe in all the trends that I like and wear them how I want to. I wouldn't want to go into a shop and think 'oh my gosh I LOVE that, but I'm not going to buy it because that's not my style' even though you know for 100% it's going to look killer on you. I don't want to feel like I'm being rigid. You know what they say though,  trends come and go, but style is eternal. If it's anything that I've learnt from fashion, it's that staple pieces of clothing are everything, I'm talking about jeans, striped tee, white blouses, leather jacket etc, those are the pieces that can be paired alongside the trends you want to wear however you want.  And the older I get the less I care about how stylish I look but more how comfortable and confident I feel whilst wearing the clothes. For me personal style is all about self-expression, about knowing yourself, wearing and dressing in clothes that you feel confident in. Who knows, maybe I haven't defined my personal style too a tee yet because I'm still very young and experimenting with different looks or maybe I don't know myself well enough, or plot twist - maybe being every character in the book is my thing. Becks x        

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