(I call this my lazy retro look)

You know, hackney is really changing. These little quirky cafe's and restaurants just seem to be popping up out of nowhere and I love it. I always enjoy exploring and finding new food spots in London and I've fallen in love with palm vaults, it's an Instagrammers dream come true- I'm talking pink coffee and cake, super-cute pastel interiors (the type you only see on Pinterest)  pot plants, retro prints and mid-mod furniture. In fact, I was seriously getting 70's Miami vibes in here.  Here's why I love it. It's like you've just walked into the prettiest jungle, flowers and plants hanging from the ceiling...Oh stop it. Can I have one slice of everything, please?A red velvet latte for T... (way too pretty to drink) And one carrot, spinach, grapefruit, kale and orange smoothie for me (keeping it healthy yeah yeah).Whether you're a vegan or not or dairy-free milk type of person there's something in here for everyone. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram Address: 411 Mare St, London E8 1HY And whilst you're at it, bring me back a cappuccino will ya? Becks x        

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This place looks really good, the food looks great and i love all the decor- the plants hanging look so instagrammable.

Julia // The Sunday Mode


Defo give it a visit !


Loved this photos and little story.

Now on my wish list 🙂


Girl i’m telling you you’ll love this place! its sucha cute little spot

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