The Best Party Dresses You Can Actually Rewear

Well, hasn’t this year flown by. It seems like only yesterday we entered 2017 and now, in less than 2 months time, were kissing goodbye to 0’17 and saying hello to 2018.  So anyway, how many parties do you think we can cram in before the end of the year? I reckon a quite few. As we all … Continue Reading

Thanking Fashion For Making Me Brave

It’s a fact, say a year ago you would never in a million years catch me bopping down the road wearing a pair of stiletto metallic sock boots. Honestly, they’ll blind you if you stare at them too long, they look like liquid metal. You see I used to play it extremely safe when it came to dressing … Continue Reading

Your Shopping List : Winter Fashion & Beauty

If I haven’t already told you winter is my most favourite time of the year, the main reason being for the fashion and makeup. One thing I will not sacrifice for fashion though is my health. I used to have the tendency to go out in skimpy jackets (that looked really good on) even though it … Continue Reading

Stronger Everyday – 4 Small Promises I’ve Made To Myself

I would love to be able to blame all of my body insecurities on social media (even though this does play a big part for all of us) however it’s not all to blame. Before shooting these images I was so nervous. Apart from wearing a bikini (which I find scary enough), I find wearing gym … Continue Reading

How To Wear Your Summer Dresses In Autumn/Winter

  If you’re like me, you have quite a few summer dresses and tops, and how much does it suck only getting to wear them a few times during the year because, summer over here in the Uk, feels like it only lasts a few weeks. When the weather turns chillier I love to start … Continue Reading

When Heels Just Aren’t Cutting It Anymore – The Pointed Toe Pump

Yes, I know it’s not Tuesday Shoesday BUT I’m here to show you my favourite shoe of the month! It’s funny, I’m not really one to wear flat shoes, if you browse through my blog you’ll see that most of the time I’m in heels. For a while, I pretty much refused to wear flat … Continue Reading