What To Wear To A Wedding As A Guest – Self- Portrait Dress Dupe

Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be stressful but it’s a good excuse to dress up and slap on a little extra makeup. I personally already have 4 weddings lined up on my calendar for the year already, and I still always get stuck as to what to wear. There is something so … Continue Reading

Affordable, Gentle Skincare From Cetaphil – What I Really Think

Throughout my teenage years, I struggled with controlling the amounts of spots I would have. You know when you’re younger and in secondary school, having those bad breakouts used to feel like your whole world was collapsing. Because my skin is so sensitive, its almost makes me frightened to use moisturisers and cleaners, in fear … Continue Reading

Chanel Dupes & Girlfriend Jeans

I would like you to know, that during taking these photos my fingers were so cold they felt like they were about to fall off. The things we do for the gram ey. Originally, I hoped for this post to be one based on spring outwear, but hey were in March and the U.K is … Continue Reading

The Best Trousers For Short Girls

Being a petite gal is hard work you know, I mean yes we have loads of leg room in cars and on planes, but when it comes to shopping – its no easy task. I ordered these beautiful wide legged trousers the other day, you know those deliveries you’re so excited to receive that you cant … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Antidote For ‘One Of Those Days’ – With Tropic Skincare

Every evening like clockwork, after coming home from work, I take my makeup off, throw on my pj’s, wack a facemask on and whisk my hair into a messy top knot. We’ve all had one of those days, where absolutely nothing has gone right, your skin has broken out with 100 zits and the other … Continue Reading

On Knowing Your Worth & Why You Should Never Underestimate Your Brand

It’s funny because sometimes we may underestimate ourselves until another person comes along and shows us exactly why were amazing : and then you’re sat there like wow, I never realised I could do that. Mind blown. To be honest with you, for a long time in my life I always underestimated myself, its a habit … Continue Reading